Our Mission


The SDCEPD works to promote employment opportunities for persons with disabilities through community action, providing free training to businesses and collaboration with public and private organizations.


SDCEPD is in need of committee members from the private sector (employers) to join our committee.  We have an excellent representation from various agencies that provide services to people with disabilities, but we only have a few from the private sector.  This is a great opportunity for Human Resources professionals to increase your knowledge of the benefits of hiring people with disabilities and to contribute toward increasing employment opportunities through voluntarism and supporting our events throughout the year.


We also invite other organizations that provide employment services to people with disabilities to join our committee.   Your ideas and support is greatly needed and appreciated.


Our website lists training opportunities and valuable resource information for both employers and people with disabilities.  We believe in making this website user-friendly and comprehensive for our visitors.  If there is specific information you are looking for that is either not listed on this website or you are unable to find elsewhere, please email at chair@sdjobtoberfest.org or visit the Contact Us page.

Jobtoberfest: An Annual Job Fair for People with Disabilities, held in October during National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Jobtoberfest 2015 is on Tuesday, October 6, 2015 at the Balboa Park Inn.


Disability Training Committee: Serve as a resource for employers who desire Disability Awareness Training or information on assistive technology or other methods to provide reasonable accommodation for employees with disabilities.


Kevin Starks Memorial Scholarship: to promote employment opportunities for persons with disabilities through scholarship for post-high school education and training.


  • Sponsorship of other organizations and events that increase awareness for and in support of creating employment opportunities for people with disabilities.


  • Serve as a resource for upcoming Job Fairs and location of job training for people with disabilities.

The SDCEPD is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 public charity

whose donations are tax deductible as applicable to law.

Phone: (619) 737-2270    Fax: (619) 535-3941